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GO Therapeutics solves the key challenge of tumor-specificity to bring more targeted immunotherapy to cancer patients.

The Challenge of Cancer Immunotherapy

A new generation of cancer immunotherapy promise to change the paradigm of cancer treatment. Increasingly sophisticated modified T-cell based therapies and Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) show great promise to attack and destroy a patient’s cancer. But the primary challenge to getting these powerful new approaches to work is defining the cancer-specificity of the therapeutic. Simply, if the target that these therapies address happen to exist somewhere else in the body (other than on the surface of the tumor cells), or if there is cross-reactivity, then the patient will get sick or possibly die due to destruction of healthy tissue.

It is well established that tumors cells have aberrant glycosylation that are high potential cancer-specific therapeutic sites. However, the ability to identify and recreate these aberrant glycosylations ex-vivo for therapeutic antibody development has been the dream of many cancer researchers.

Until now.

About GO Therapeutics

GO Therapeutics is the only company with the technologies, platforms and know-how to harness the power of the cancer glycoproteome to generate exceptionally tumor-specific antibodies for cancer immunotherapies. By making antibodies to hybrid antigens combining a tumor’s up-regulated protein expression with a protein’s aberrant glycosylation pattern, we are able to dramatically increase tumor specificity. Our technology clears the hurdles for making drugs that are extremely specific to the cancer cell.

We have applied our breakthrough platforms to develop an extensive library of cancer-specific targets across major cancers. GO Therapeutics is currently developing a number of major targets and anticipates validated antibody drug candidates in a short timeframe.


A well understood characteristic of cancer is the aberrant glycosylation pattern of both proteins and lipids. It is these aberrant glycosylations that offer high potential to be immunologic epitopes for targeted immunotherapy.

Among the most characteristic and widespread of these truncated carbohydrate epitopes, particularly in epithelial cell cancers, is O-linked glycosylations. For example, research has shown that O-linked glycosylation is correlated with poor prognosis and lower survival rates for breast cancers and other aggressive tumors.

GO Therapeutics has developed a ground-breaking scientific platform to identify sites of O-linked glycosylation on tumor-associated proteins. We use the accessibility of these O-glycans at the plasma membrane to develop novel “hybrid” epitopes that are part protein and O-glycan structure. These hybrid epitopes are exquisite targets for immunotherapeutics.

GO Team


Dr. Thayer White


Constantine Theodoropulos


Dr. Henrik Clausen


Dr. White is an accomplished scientist and renown glycobiologist with 25 years experience in biotech/pharmaceutical research and development.

His accomplishments include cover publications in Nature – “Molecular genetic basis of the histo-blood group ABO system” and Nature Biotechnology – “Bacterial glycosidases for the production of universal red blood cells”

Founder, CSO, SBH Diagnostics, CLIA certified lab, CRO

Founder, CEO, GlycoZym USA, raised $2.5M, 16 US patents

Vice President of R&D ZymeQuest INC: Universal red blood cells (one of “Time’s 10 best inventions of year” 2007)

Entrepreneur and expert in marketing strategy and positioning, business development. For the past 15 years, Constantine has helped life science and technology companies to develop the strategies that convert vision into value in the market.

Founder, CEO, Base Pair Group, Management Consulting for Life Science companies

Founder, CEO, Boston Communications, leading strategic communications firm in technology markets

Head of marketing, strategy, EBD Group

Helped raise over USD500M in private capital, participated in three successful IPOs, and M&A in excess of USD2.5B

Dr. Clausen is a preeminent scientist in the field of glycobiology and is the head of the Center of Glycocomics at the University of Cophenhagen.

Dr. Clausen’s long list of accomplishments include:

The Benzow Prize, The Thureus Prize, Mizutani Prize, The Carlsberg Biotechnology Prize, The Novo Nordisk Prize and Kirsten og Freddy Johansens Laegevidenskabelige Praekliniske Forskerpris

218 peer review articles including Nature, Science, Nature Biotech, Nature Struc, PNAS, J Biol Chem, Cancer Res. He is also the holder of 34 issued US patents.


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